7 Best Multi Cookers In Singapore 2022 – All-In-One Cooking!

Best Multi Cooker Singapore

The best multi cooker in Singapore 2022 may be a pricey investment but worth it for the convenience! Just think of the valuable counter space that you can save by having just 1 appliance instead of a few!

However, reliable multicookers above 2L can cost more than $300. So you might want to do some research before getting one!

For starters, you’ll be on the right track with these multi purpose cookers in Singapore!

What Can A Multi Cooker Do?

An electric multicooker can essentially take the place of an air fryer, a slow cooker, and a rice cooker! Some even double as a pressure cooker!

They often have a wide array of automatic programs for rice, stew, porridge, risotto, desserts, and curry!

The only disadvantages are:

  • The higher prices
  • They’re usually big and heavy
  • That you cannot fry and steam/stew something at the same time

Here’s how a multi cooker differs against a slow cooker, rice cooker, and pressure cooker!

7 Best Multi Cookers In Singapore 2022

Except for the mini multi cookers, expect to fork out between S$340 to S$400 for a quality multi cooker!

  • Best Value Multi Cooker (5L) – Tefal Express Induction Multi Cooker 5L CY638
  • Best Multi Cooker (With Air Frying, 6L) – Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker + Air fryer in one pot (OP300)
  • Best Designer Multi Cooker (2.5L) – Morphy Richards Multifunction Cooking Pot MR9088
  • Best Mini Multi Cooker (~2L) – Morries 1.9L 2-In-1 Multi Cooker MS-88MC
  • Best Steamboat/ Grill Combo Multi Cooker (~2L) – PowerPac Steamboat with BBQ Grill, 2 in 1 Multi Cooker (PPMC763)

1. Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker + Air Fryer (OP300)

No reason to eat the same things all the time with the Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker + Air fryer in one pot (OP300)! Even if you don’t have enough time in the kitchen!

You’ll get tasty soup in just half an hour! Or fried chicken in 15 minutes! And you won’t need your pots and pans! Or your stove, for that matter!

Users like that you can pressure cook and fry food with the same appliance! The main inner pot is wide and made of ceramic. And easy to clean. Unfortunately, the lid of the cooker cannot be removed!

The multi cooker owes its multi functionality to the bevy of accessories that accompany it:

That includes a steam rack, separate lids (one attached) and pot/ basket for the air fryer and pressure cooker functions. And a sealing ring for the latter. Don’t forget the manual and recipe book!

Note: The air fryer lid is not removable but can be swung out of the way when you use the cooker for pressure cooking.

As you can imagine, because there are so many accessories, you do need a lot of space to keep this cooker!

Our verdict for the Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker + Air fryer in one pot (OP300) is that it’s worth getting if you know that you will be using both the air frying and pressure cooking functions often!

And this multicooker happens to be equally good at both of these functions!

Still because of its cumbersome profile, you should think very carefully before getting it. Or you’ll end with a humungous appliance on your countertop!

Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker + Air Fryer - OP300


  • Easy operation and clean up
  • Functions work well (e.g. congee and air fryer)
  • Incredibly versatile (grill, pressure cook, bake, steam, air fry)
  • Quiet during air frying
  • Wide base (adequate for frying)
  • Durable accessories
  • Possible to purchase a replacement ceramic pot


  • Only available in 1 size
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Recipe book does not have many local recipes
  • Short power cable
  • Short warranty for the price
  • No yoghurt-making option
  • Actual air frying capacity for optimum results is small
  • Capacity: 6L Cooking Pot & 3.7L Cook & Crisp™ Basket
  • Wattage: 1460W
  • Weight: 9.56kg
  • Dimensions: 35 x 38 x 35 cm (W x D x H)
  • Functions: Pressure Cooking, Steam, Slow Cook, Sear/Saute, Air Crisp, Bake/Roast, Grill, Keep Warm
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~$396

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2. Tefal Express Induction Multi Cooker 5L CY638

Firstly, you get 2 cooking pots with the Tefal Express Induction Multi Cooker 5L, CY638. One of stainless steel (1.2mm thick), and the other with nonstick coating (1.8mm thick).

The 19 pre-set programs (including different meats, rice, congee, etc) can be intimidating if you’re new to multi cookers. There is also an option to set the temperature and time yourself (DIY)!

So we would recommend that you watch a demo video (or 2) of the multi cooker in action!

Otherwise, most users find it easy to use. And that the resulting food from this multi cooker is very flavorful! And cooking is faster too (i.e. it works as a pressure cooker)!

The cooking capacity is more than adequate for a small household!

In any case, theTefal Express Induction Multi Cooker 5L CY638 is more compact than the Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker + Air fryer in one pot (OP300). But you will be forsaking the air frying function!

For those keen on pressure cooking (safely) and cooking Asian meals, you will find the recipe book that comes with the Tefal Express Induction Multi Cooker 5L CY638 more useful too!

Tefal Express Induction Multi Cooker 5L CY638


  • Adjustable temperature and time
  • Keep Warm and Delay Start for up to 24 hours
  • Recipe book included
  • Long warranty
  • Capable of pressure cooking
  • Has over-pressure protection and other safety features
  • With 2 pots
  • Resulting food is tender and flavorful
  • Easy to use and clean (Dishwasher safe components)
  • Sleek attractive design
  • Inner lid is stainless steel


  • No smaller size
  • The preset times for some recipes may be inaccurate (e.g. too long for chicken curry)
  • Manual is not useful for explaining how to disassemble parts
  • No baking/ crisping function
  • Capacity: 5L
  • Wattage: 1300W
  • Weight: 7.67kg (With Accessories)
  • Dimensions: –
  • Functions: Pressure Cook, Steam, Brown, Simmer, Slow Cook, Reheat, Keep Warm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: ~$339

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3. PowerPac Steamboat with BBQ Grill, 2 in 1 Multi Cooker PPMC728/PPMC763

The PowerPac Steamboat with BBQ Grill, 2 in 1 Multi Cooker (PPMC728/PPMC763) is fetching in an appealing pastel green.

It comes in different sizes to suit a household of 2 to 3 pax (1L) or 3 to 5 pax (1.8L).

PowerPac Steamboat with BBQ Grill, 2 in 1 Multi Cooker PPMC763
PowerPac Steamboat with BBQ Grill, 2 in 1 Multi Cooker PPMC763

And while it doesn’t look like your typical multi-cooker, the PowerPac Steamboat with BBQ Grill, 2 in 1 Multi Cooker (PPMC728/PPMC763) is actually simple to use as is just has a single knob to switch between using the hot pot or hot plate. Or use both simultaneously!

But one glaring disadvantage of the PowerPac Steamboat with BBQ Grill, 2 in 1 Multi Cooker (PPMC728/PPMC763) is the fact that you cannot remove either the hot plate or hot pot to get a good rinse.

This means you have to be extra careful not to get the electrical components wet when cleaning this multi cooker.

Note: This is only applicable for the smaller model (PPMC728).

Furthermore, you can’t control the temperature (no dedicated control) of this multi cooker.

And some find the power cable to be short. Besides this, it might bother you that there’s no matching lid for the hot plate to prevent oil from splattering on surrounding surfaces.

Despite its shortcomings, the PowerPac Steamboat with BBQ Grill, 2 in 1 Multi Cooker (PPMC728/PPMC763) makes having a hot pot and grilling session at home a breeze!

Though we highly recommend getting the bigger model, PPMC763 over the smaller model, PPMC728 as it’s easier to clean (both hot pot and hot plate can be removed from the base)!

PowerPac Steamboat with BBQ Grill, 2 in 1 Multi Cooker PPMC728
PowerPac Steamboat with BBQ Grill, 2 in 1 Multi Cooker PPMC728


  • 2 sizes available
  • Multiple modes (hot plate, hot pot, or both)
  • Easy to use
  • Heats up fast
  • Cuts off automatically if the grill plate gets to hot
  • Ideal size for small households
  • There is a catch tray for excess oil
  • Not too expensive
  • Non stick surfaces for easier cleaning


  • Hot pot and hot plate/ grilling tray for the smaller model are not fully detachable
  • No temperature dial
  • Short power cable (1m)
  • There is no lid for the grill plate
  • Pot is quite shallow
  • Takes up space (horizontal design)
  • Capacity: 1L or 1.8L
  • Wattage: 1000W (1L), 1600W (1.8L)
  • Weight: –
  • Dimensions: 38 x 12 x 25 cm (1L), 54.2 x 16 x 34.8 cm (1.8L)
  • Functions: Steamboat, Grill, Fry, Roast, Cook, Stew, Boil
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: ~$49 – $79

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4. CUCKOO Q10 Multi Cooker

The CUCKOO Q10 Multi Cooker has been around for a few years. The great thing about that is that there are a bunch of recipe videos online! By CUCKOO and users!

A unique feature of this multi cooker is that it “talks”! In English, Malay or Mandarin! That and the fact that this multi cooker is capable of cooking GABA rice (i.e. germinated brown rice)!

And while it’s easy to clean (non stick inner pot and detachable inner lid), it actually has a built-in cleaning function too!

See the recipe video:

On the whole, theCUCKOO Q10 Multi Cooker may not be as versatile as other multi cookers in the same price range (like the Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker + Air fryer in one pot (OP300)).

But it does prioritize on safety and you’ll find no shortage of online resources on how to use it to its full potential!

CUCKOO Q10 Multi Cooker


  • Scheduled cooking (preset timer up to 12 hours and 50 minutes)
  • Digital display
  • Made in Korea
  • Convenient handle for the inner pot
  • 14 safety features (including a twist lock mechanism)
  • GABA rice function


  • Limited to 9 preset programs (no air frying)
  • Capacity: –
  • Wattage: 1150W
  • Weight: 7.7kg
  • Dimensions: 30.4 x 39.5 x 28.2 cm (W x D x H)
  • Functions: Keep Warm, Reheat, Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker, Oven, Multi-Cook
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~$388

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5. Morphy Richards Multifunction Cooking Pot MR9088

Featuring a wide base for an electric multi cooker in Singapore:

Morphy Richards’ Multifunction Cooking Pot, MR9088 is stunning enough to be used as a serving dish on your dining table too!

Use it to slow cook, grill, steam, or fry your meals!

Watch it in action:

Reviews mention that it is straightforward to use. And food doesn’t stick to it so cleaning is easy. The cooking capacity suits 2-3 adults. Users are fond of the design and quality too!

You do feel that you are paying more for the aesthetics, rather than versatility with this multi cooker! As it lacks both the pressure cooker or air frying function that other multi cookers (of similar pricing) offer!

However, if you have a great appreciation for aesthetically-pleasing objects (appliances included) in your home:

Or just regularly hosts guests, it’s definitely a conversation starter and worthy of centerpiece attention! While being functional too!

Morphy Richards Multifunction Cooking Pot MR9088


  • In many beautiful retro colors
  • Comes with a grill pan, a deeper pan, and a steam tray
  • Non-stick coating
  • Multiple heat settings (low to high)
  • There is an e-book for recipes
  • Simple to operate
  • Adequate depth for having a hot pot meal (for 4-5 pax)
  • High quality (including accessories)


  • Very short warranty
  • No pressure cooking
  • May need an adaptor
  • Capacity: 2.5L
  • Wattage: 1400W
  • Weight: 5.8kg
  • Dimensions: 41.0 x 24.8 x 22.5 cm (W x D x H)
  • Functions: Stir Fry, Steam, Baking, Griddle, Steamboat, Grill
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Price: ~$350

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Best Mini Multi Cooker Singapore

6. Cornell 1.5L Mini Multi Cooker With Steam Tray CMC-S1500X

Stylish and convenient for a small multi cooker in Singapore:

The cooking capacity is just right for 2 people (e.g. 2 portions of instant noodles)! And the build quality is great for the price! There are even allotted holes in the steam tray where you can place eggs on!

Cornell’s 1.5L Mini Multi Cooker With Steam Tray CMC-S1500X will be more suitable to those who prefer to steam food or make soup. As it doesn’t take long to start boiling. And there is no fear of over boiling!

Or you can have a mini hot pot session!

However, frying is not as convenient. Because the maximum frying temperature is limited by the built-in overheat protection!

Cornell 1.5L Mini Multi Cooker With Steam Tray CMC-S1500X


  • Sturdy build (with tempered glass lid and a SUS304 stainless steel inner pot)
  • Heats up fast
  • Long cord (1.2m)
  • Makes 1-2 portions
  • Inner pot has measurement markings
  • Affordable
  • With overboil protection
  • Simple dial operation


  • Not a full multi cooker (no air frying or pressure cooking)
  • Steamer tray is plastic (thick BPA-free plastic)
  • Capacity: 1.5L
  • Wattage: 800W
  • Weight: 1.18kg
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 23.0 x 21.5 cm (W x D x H)
  • Functions: Steam, Keep Warm, Steamboat
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~$27.9

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7. Morries 1.9L 2-In-1 Multi Cooker MS-88MC

This mini multi cooker in Singapore resembles your average hot pot base:

And like the Cornell 1.5L Mini Multi Cooker With Steam Tray CMC-S1500X, the Morries 1.9L 2-In-1 Multi Cooker MS-88MC also uses stainless steel for the inner pot. Which you can remove for washing!

Morries 1.9L 2-In-1 Multi Cooker MS-88MC  has pretty much the same functionality as the Morries 3l 3 In 1 Multi Cooker MS1388 but less weird-looking (in our opinion)!

The size of it is just ideal for a family steamboat dinner! Or cooking for just 1-2 pax even! The grill plate that comes with this multi cooker has a non stick coating. So you can use it for frying too!

Its heating capability is not an issue since the power rating is about the same as larger multi cookers on this list! Furthermore, it’s a lot cheaper!

Note: There is a larger size of this cooker too (MS-888MC, 3L).

Morries 1.9L 2-In-1 Multi Cooker MS-88MC


  • Cooking capacity is suitable for 2-3pax
  • Fast heat up time
  • Variable temperature (dial)
  • Tempered glass lid
  • For shabu shabu, boiling/stewing and frying


  • No pressure cooking or baking
  • No other color options
  • Capacity: 1.9L
  • Wattage: 1200W
  • Weight: –
  • Dimensions: –
  • Functions: Stewing, Frying & Shabu-Shabu
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~$39.9

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Tips On How To Choose A Multi Cooker

1. Safety

Look for a lid that can lock. Multiple locking mechanisms are better than one. This is especially important when the multi cooker is in pressure cooker mode!

A manual valve to let out steam is good to have as well.

There should also be overheat protection where the cooker turns off automatically. Or does not turn on if the drawer/ bowl is out. Moreover, the cooker should pause when you remove the drawer/ bowl.

2. Cooking Capacity

6L is comfortable for most households in Singapore!

But if you will be frequently steaming large quantities of food, consider getting the best food steamer in Singapore instead.

3. Features

One-touch automatic settings are extremely convenient since you can leave the multicooker to switch over to lower temperatures by itself, later in the cooking process.

But having the luxury of adjusting time and temperature gives you more control over the final outcome!

Automatic keep warm is always a welcome feature along with delayed start which allows you to plan meals around your hectic schedule!

4. Maintenance

A smooth exterior will be easier to clean. Inner components should be detachable for easy washing too! Including the inner lid of the cooker!

Stainless steel will last longer but is not consistently easy to clean like a non stick coating! Although, some multi cookers come with two pots so you can choose what you want to use.

There may be a designated pocket at the back of the multi function cooker to collect excess water (or oil) so that your counter stays dry!

5. Accessories

What does the multi cooker come with? If you buy accessories separately from a different shop later on (e.g. grill plate), it may not fit the multi cooker.

6. Other Details

  • Is the menu easy to read?
  • Are there indicators for the cooking stages?
  • Is there a line to indicate the maximum level for ingredients?
  • Is there a recipe book (online or physical) for the cooker?
  • Can you view the cooking process?
  • Do you have enough space for the cooker?
  • Will you use most of the functions?


To summarize our favorites from these reviews of multi cooker in Singapore 2022, you can take a look at our recommendations at the beginning of this post!

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