The Really Essential Kitchen Appliances You Need In Your Home

The Really Essential Kitchen Appliances

We’re assuming you clicked on this post for 1 of 2 reasons. Firstly, you want to know which kitchen appliances are really essential.

And by essential, we mean they make cooking less of a chore! And faster! You can also save money by cooking at home instead of getting takeout!

Secondly, how these appliances can keep your kitchen tidy and mess-free! And also cool in the sweltering tropics!

1. Water Filter/ Purifier

We’re putting this at the top for obvious health concerns!

Installing one at your tap will ensure that you always have water that is safe to drink (and yes, without having to boil the water) and use for cooking!

No more weird-tasting water!

Ensure that your tap water is safe with a water filter or purifier
Ensure that your tap water is safe with a water filter or purifier – Photo by Kaboompics from Pexels

2. Fridge

How else are you going to keep food for longer in this heat? Because food can last longer in a fridge, you won’t have to rush to finish your food (i.e. prevents food waste!).

Just be sure to get the right size for your household! And one with inverter technology for higher energy-savings and smaller electric bills!

A fridge is an absolutely necessary appliance in Singapore
A fridge is an absolutely necessary appliance in Singapore – Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

3. Rice Cooker

If you don’t already own one of these, we would be surprised.

Not only does it cook rice reliably on its own within 20 minutes, but you can steam a dish inside at the same time!

Depending on the model you go with, a rice cooker can cook many types of rice! Follow the indicated rice and water measurements and you’re good to go!

4. Electric Kettle

Arguably more important than a rice cooker:

Having an electric kettle in your kitchen means you can prepare tea or coffee in the morning quickly!

Sleepy minds (and reflexes) don’t need the extra burden of keeping an eye (or ear) out for a stove top kettle!

Electric kettles find daily use in most kitchens
Electric kettles find daily use in most kitchens – Photo by Phenyo Deluxe from Pexels

5. Food Processor

Often, it’s the thought of prep work that deters one from cooking:

A food processor could be just a simple and small gadget. With a string that you pull with one hand to manually rotate the blades.

These are such time-savers for dicing up spices and vegetables! We couldn’t live without ours.

However, if you bake or puree food often, consider getting a versatile immersion blender with accessories that can turn it in to a food processor! So smoothies are possible too!

There are food processors that can also grind up meat or spiralize noodles out of vegetables!

You don't need a blender if your food processor has the right accessories
You don’t need a blender if your food processor has the right accessories – Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

6. Electric Stove

Can’t do a good old stir-fry or omelette without a stove!

We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with gas stoves but:

For those who hardly ever engage in deep frying, an electric stove looks neater in the kitchen. They can be small (single-hob) enough to conveniently store away when not in use too.

And you will never have to worry about a potential fire because you forgot to turn the stove off! Which is a real danger with gas stoves!

A tidy kitchen feels more inviting to cook in
A tidy kitchen feels more inviting to cook in – Photo by Jean Van Der Meulen from Pexels

7. Electric Pressure Cooker Or Slow Cooker

Both make excellent stews. And can cook a lot at one go! We’ve got a whole other post on their differences but basically:

Slow cookers allow busy people to come back home to a ready meal while they take their sweet time (6-8 hours) to tenderize food.

On the other hand, pressure cookers can reduce the cooking time significantly! But it’s best not to leave them on their own while you are out working! To avoid accidents!

Kitchen essentials vary on your lifestyle and household needs
Kitchen essentials vary on your lifestyle and household needs – Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

8. Toaster Oven

We think that a toaster oven can do the job of a microwave, toaster or air fryer.

They reheat food like pastries or nuggets and make them crisp. You can make jacket potatoes! Or grill fish or chicken! Or bake a small batch of cookies, brownies, and cakes!

And since they’re typically smaller than the best microwave ovens in Singapore, you’ll be saving the space needed for a full sized oven and a microwave!

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9. Coffee Machine

Some would strongly consider a coffee machine a staple on their kitchen counter! And we wouldn’t dare to argue!

There are coffee machines that are fully automated, semi-automated, or others that give you the option to switch between manual and automatic control.

The really smart coffee machines can have your coffee ready just in time for your breakfast!

An expensive investment at the start, but think of how much money you can save by not depending on your favourite coffee shops!

Plus, you can enjoy your beverage (and try many flavors) in the comforts of your own home!

Not all kitchens need a coffee machine
Not all kitchens need a coffee machine – Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

10. Dishwasher

Washing the dishes is another tedious part of cooking:

With an electric dishwasher, you can save your energy, time, and even water! Some dishwashers even have a drying function!

Because of how much they can cost, a dishwasher is a luxury for many. But once you have one of these, it’s not easy to go back to hand washing!

Dishwashers do away with hand washing
Dishwashers do away with hand washing – Photo by Wendelin Jacober from Pexels

11. Multi Cooker

If you can justify the higher price tag, a multi cooker can take the place of items a rice cooker, pressure cooker, and slow cooker.

With limitations specific to which model you choose.

The Instant Pot is one of the best known multi cookers. And with this one appliance, you can do a lot! Either slow cook, cook rice, sauté, steam, or pressure cook your food!

There are also other multi cookers that include an air fryer option. So you don’t have to miss out on crispy food!


Do you agree with our selection of essential kitchen appliances? What are the kitchen appliances that you can’t live without?

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